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The basic idea behind Pick & Made is to create very limited collections consisting solely of hand-picked & hand-made pieces.

Each collection is then presented in the form of a short film, and / or editorial which showcases the items. Any profits made from the collection will be used to fund the next story.

Pick & Made was established by Creative Director & Stylist Phoebe Soup in 2011.

“This whole project got started since I often need to find unique items to create the essence of different characters and styles.”

“Sometimes when I can’t find what I’m looking for, I hand-make things myself to complete the look.”

“This is my passion, and that’s how the idea for Pick & Made was born, as I wanted to share the most rare and beautiful things with likeminded people around the world.”

Uniqueness is the core philosophy at Pick & Made, so everything is kept at a limited number. All the items available in Pick & Made are either picked or made by Phoebe Soup with great care and love.